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It can be tricky to choose the amount of toilets for an event, hence the following may help you to make an informed decision. The general rule is to have 1 portable toilet for 50 – 100 guests. Some people will not use a loo, but others several times.

However, always consider the following factors


Amount of People

Nature of the event: Kid’s event or Music Festival

Hours/days toilets are being used: all day event or 2 hour show

Kind of refreshments being sold: alcohol, food or only soft-drinks

Remember that a portable loo can only hold as much content after which it will have to be emptied. Servicing / emptying the toilets should only happen after the event or after each day. Not having enough restrooms can result in queues in front of the toilets and therefore in unhappy customers. It is always better to order extra toilets than not enough. Nobody likes to queue up for the loo if they have to go urgently.

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